Now, We presents an enticing business prospect for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to join the burgeoning ice cream industry under India’s most beloved brand. By becoming franchisees of Milk Scooping Parlours, individuals can enjoy significant returns on investment, even with a modest initial outlay.


Franchisees will receive pre-packaged Milk Ice-Creams/Milk products in various assortments and quantities according to their needs through authorized wholesale distributors. Essential toppings, sauces, and consumables will be procured by franchisees from approved vendors/brands. Products available for sale at the parlours will adhere to recipes and pricing sanctioned by Us.


Franchisees will enter into an agreement with GCMMF Ltd. based on the standard draft finalized by GCMMF Ltd.

The profit potential of an Milk franchise is substantial, with margins on ice cream scoops and milkshakes reaching up to 50%. Given robust sales, it’s feasible to recoup the entire investment within six months.

Details of Our Franchise:

A: Margins on ice cream scoops and milkshakes can reach up to 50%. With healthy sales, one can recover the entire investment within six months.

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