NSAR-820 125KHz+2.45GHz RFID Real Time Locating System (RTLS)

NephSystem Technologies’ Real-time locating systems (RTLS) are used to automatically identify and track the location of objects or people in real time, usually within a building or other contained area. NephSystem’s 125KHz/2.45GHz dual frequency of  RTLS tags are attached to objects or worn by people.

The system contains the following items to be a whole RTLS package –

1. Activators that work under 125KHz low frequency range (Model NSAR-820)

2. 125KHz and 2.45GHz dual frequency band of tags (Model NSAT-708RTLS or NSAT-709)

3. 2.45GHz NSAR 800 series gain adjustable active RFID reader/writers (Model NSAR-800/850)


NephSystem Technologies NSAR-820 Activator is a stand-alone and fully ruggedized (IP68 rated) signal transmitter that provides a low frequency activation signal (125KHz) which activates or wakes up NephSystem’s special activation type of tags (Model NSAT-708RTLS or NSAT-709) as the tags pass through the NSAR-820 Activator. Then the NSAT RTLS tag transmits the tag’s unique ID along with NSAR-802 activator’s address ID together over to NephSystem’s NSAR series of active RFID reader/writers to provide the tag’s precise location. This combination can realize the regional location service and make the asset/people movement detection possible.


NSAT-709 RTLS Personnel tag               NSAT-708RTLS RTLS Wristband tag

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