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Our customers tell us “our products have helped them in many ways” hundreds of ways to be exact! Let us here from you!  Here are some of the special and unique features that sets Prime Sunshine apart from other brands:

    • PS plants are grown from Internationally Pedigreed Propriatary Certified Seed Stock.
      Translates To:   “Highest quality” available & grown in the USA.
    • PS plants are harvested by 7th Generation Artesian Hemp Farmers who Hemp Growing “Roots” date back to the early 1800’s.
    • PS is “Farm Direct”, Seed to Sale.
      Translates To:  “Transparency, Farm Fresh, No Middleman, Buy Direct,  know your source”.
    • Offers Wholesale & Re-Sale Opportunities  For Your Business or Medical Practice with Free Hemp Sales Training, Product Training, In Store Promotions, Marketing & Sales support. We’ll even support you at trade shows and conferences. 
      Translates To: We support your efforts to help others in every way possible seven days a week, plus phone consultations & Skype calls. Our customers who are not well have needed guidance and support from day 1. Although we’ve grown three times the size, we’ll never stop supporting our network of customers around the world. Ever. Guidance, education & better health is at the core of what we do. We’ll always be here for our customers.
    • PS Products are processed & packaged in an FDA Approved Facility.
      Translates To:  “The Office of Regulatory Affairs is considered the “eyes and ears” of the agency, conducting the vast majority of the FDA’s work in the field. Consumer Safety Officers provide oversight, purity, product safety, quality control,  facility inspections, clean conditions, legitimacy, legal standards met”.
    • PS Hemp Extract is derived from “Bud & Flower”, not sticks, stems, leaves or branches.
      Translates To: Most all brands contain aerial plant parts. We do not put those items in our extract.  Our plants yield high % CBD & terpene/flavonoid profile.
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